Reflections & Affirmations

My intelligence is exceptional. At every opportunity, I expand my intelligence and intuition. I am naturally inquisitive and constantly learning; this quality ensures that my intelligence continues to grow all the time. Answers come to me easily and at the right moment. I am a genius and a master at […]

My intelligence is exceptional.

My character is unquestionable. Wherever I go in life, I stand firm behind my positive traits that make me a trustworthy person. I know that even when there is a change of circumstance, others can always expect me to respond according to what I believe in. Doing what I believe […]

My character is unquestionable.

I am living my dreams. I live my dreams every day. I wake up each morning with a great sense of enthusiasm and expectation. I know that each day brings me closer to realizing my full potential. I am filled with hope and positive energy. I refrain from allowing doubt […]

I am living my dreams.

I am kind and accepting of others. I start each day by taking responsibility for the circumstances in my life; they are my own creations. Just as I am responsible for my circumstances, others are responsible for theirs, and I give the same acceptance to others that I give to […]

I am kind and accepting of others.

I am generous and giving. I give without the expectation of receiving anything in return. I naturally have a great deal of generosity and I cultivate being even more generous each day. I give what I have freely and openly. Giving to others makes me feel happy and fulfilled. I […]

I am generous and giving.

Courage defines me Life rewards courage and my life is an example of my bravery. My decisions reflect the fact that I am brave and capable. However, I also recognize when it is wise to be cautious. I consider the long-term impact of my decisions and act boldly. I feel […]

Courage defines me