Do You Want To Be More Present? Try This Practical Advice

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Be More PresentDo You Want To Be More Present? Try This Practical Advice

An excellent skill to understand is being more present. Being present is just concentrating on your atmosphere as well as your current task. This means that the mind is not considering other things apart from what’s right before you.

You will find a lot of wonderful benefits which come from being present in the moment. For instance, it’s relaxing! It’s the only time your mind is not buzzing along considering 20 various things. You get to actually live your life, as opposed to either thinking about the past or the future. And you are much more productive, too.

These techniques can help you live more fully in the present:

1. Pay attention to what is going on around you. If you’re not actively engaged in doing something productive, take a good look at what’s going on around you. Suppose you’re taking a walk. Notice everything: the cars driving by, the trees blowing in the wind, various animals scurrying around, the clouds, and more. See everything.

* Pay attention to everything. What else could you hear? The number of different sounds are you able to choose?

* What else could you feel? The nice and cozy air moving across your arm? An aching feet? The floor below your ft? Your cold hands?

* What else could you smell?

* Generally, if you are not necessarily doing something then you need to be centered on your surroundings. Because, at that time, that’s your life.

2. Focus on your current task. If you’re mowing the grass, focus on mowing the grass. If you’re writing a report, focus on writing the report. Your mind should stay on task. It takes practice to do it reasonably well, so practice all the time. When you start thinking about something else, gently come back to the task and let go of your previous thought.

* You’ll get so much more accomplished when you’re focused on your task. You’ll also eliminate worry and stress. How can you be stressed if you’re only thinking about what is in front of you? There’s no room for stress.

3. If you’re having a hard time focusing on your work or environment, focus on your breathing. Your breath is like a constant in the universe; it’s always with you. It also helps to get your brain and body in sync. Focus on your breathing and don’t let your mind wander. When it does wander, gently bring it back to your breath.

* After 10-fifteen minutes, you ought to be prepared to transition to concentrating on another thing.

4. Practice all the time. Make a game out of it. See if you can wash the dishes without thinking one stray thought; even thinking about how glad you’ll be when it’s done would be a stray thought. Do this with everything that you do, all day long.

5. At night, focus on your breathing. Lying in bed is a great opportunity for most people to get themselves all worked up. We think about how horrible work was or about how we have so much to do tomorrow. None of this has ever helped anyone. Focus on your breathing until you fall asleep.

Make the effort to be more present. You’ll be amazed at how much better you feel and how much more you can get done. It’s not easy at first. Think of it as exercise for your brain. With practice, you’ll get a little better each day. Keep at it; the rewards are worth it!

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