Paradigm Shift Seminar Free Introduction Webinar

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Join Our Free Preview Webinar with the topic “Bob Proctor’s Paradigm Shift Seminar”

This coming Friday, April 19 at 8 PM GMT (3 PM EST), my “Bob Proctor inner circle mentor” Declan O’Donoghue, will be hosting a FREE live webinar. He will introduce the “Paradigm Shift Seminar”, that Bob Proctor will host next week, live from L.A.

You are welcome to join me by registering in the link in the comments section below. He will be telling you how this 2,5-day seminar that only cost $147 UDS, in October 2016 has completely changed his life for the better, in all areas of his life. See you there. Please register, even if you can’t attend and we’ll email you the recording when it’s completed.

The Paradigm shift seminar will be live globally streamed from LA, April 25-27. >>> Please register here for the intro webinar <<<



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