Being compassionate is a way of life for me

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Being compassionate is a way of life for me

I am sensitive to the needs of others and help in any way that I can. I listen to them with a loving and compassionate heart and forgive them for their transgressions against me. I choose to exercise compassion with all that I meet.

Compassion is a way of life for me. I strive to be more compassionate with each new day and every new experience.

I find it easier and easier to allow kindness and consideration into my life. Compassion is simply a part of who I am; I feel it and live it.


When I feel challenged in my ability to be compassionate, I remind myself of how important compassion is to me. I remember that being compassionate to others is also the best thing for me. I benefit as well when I am kind and sensitive to others.

Compassion is an important part of unconditional love. I use my empathy and kindness to help uplift those I love and bring them more self-confidence and joy.

Today is the day I show the world just how compassionate I can be. It is evident to everyone through my words and actions that being compassionate is a way of life for me.

Compassion is my guiding principle and using it daily is the only acceptable way for me to live.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. What are some ways I was compassionate today?
2. How can I be even more compassionate tomorrow?
3. How does being compassionate benefit me?

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