Constantly is my income increasing

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Constantly is my income increasing

Each month, my income increases. I have a seemingly endless number of options to earn more money. I know I can always find or create more income with a minimal amount of effort.

My subconscious is constantly scanning for new moneymaking opportunities. These new opportunities seem to just pop-up spontaneously. I am grateful that my mind is so in tune with creating wealth.

My bills are becoming easier and easier to pay. Every month, I am able to save more money. My investments and net worth are increasing nicely. I smile when I think about how soon I can retire.

I consider myself to be a wealth magnet. Money and moneymaking assets are drawn to me like moths to a flame. I can feel abundance flowing to me.

I track my monthly income and find it increases regularly. When I notice an increase in my income, I congratulate myself. I am thankful for all I have and all that is coming to me.

I am responsible with my new level of income. I invest wisely and only make necessary purchases. My investments provide ever-increasing streams of income. I want to be able to live exclusively off these passive income streams.

Today, I scan my surroundings for new income opportunities. I am committed to finding at least one new source of easy income to maintain this joyful trend of ever-increasing income.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. How much income do I wish to eventually create?
2. How many sources of income do I currently have?
3. How can I create a new source of income or generate more income from a current source?

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