I am kind and accepting of others.

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I am kind and accepting of others.

I start each day by taking responsibility for the circumstances in my life; they are my own creations.

Just as I am responsible for my circumstances, others are responsible for theirs, and I give the same acceptance to others that I give to myself.

I realize that all comments I receive are really compliments. The fact that someone is taking the time to provide a comment is a compliment in itself. Likewise, I accept all apologies compassionately. I realize that accepting an apology is really a gift that I give to myself.

I extend my kindness to everyone. Showing kindness enables me be a more peaceful and compassionate person. My life becomes more fulfilling as my kindness for others deepens. Being kind is important to me, and I show kindness at every opportunity.

Giving my time and attention to others makes me feel great! I always take time to thank others for their kindness. I always speak kindly about other people. And I always take a moment to consider how I can best help others.

Everyone deserves to be treated with kindness and compassion, so I strive to demonstrate greater compassion in my words and actions each day.

Today, I am a shining example of acceptance and kindness. As I help uplift others, I find that each kindness I extend comes back to me ten-fold, bringing even more happiness into my life.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. What can I do for someone else today?
2. What have I been resisting in a friend or family member?
3. Can I let that resistance go?MindYourMind2.com

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