My character is unquestionable.

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My character is unquestionable.

Wherever I go in life, I stand firm behind my positive traits that make me a trustworthy person. I know that even when there is a change of circumstance, others can always expect me to respond according to what I believe in.

Doing what I believe is right is important to me because I have to live with myself day in, day out. I am answerable to my conscience. I keep on the right track because doing so brings me peace of mind.

Building unquestionable character is an ongoing process. I know that I can expect situations which threaten my morals and beliefs. When I encounter such situations, I call on past experiences to help me make the best choice and stick to what feels right.

When I run into people who try to influence me to act against my beliefs, I call on my inner strength to help me remain forthright and upstanding.

I maintain a strong relationship with my inner voice and it guides me along the way.

Today, I am more concerned about living at peace with myself than I am about creating an impression for others. I believe that once I commit to possessing integrity, I can expect it to shine from within for others to see. My life is well-lived when I live with integrity.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. How do I feel when others question my sincerity?
2. How do I react if I realize that maintaining strong character could result in me losing out on an opportunity?
3. Do my character and personality go hand in hand?

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