My intelligence is exceptional.

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My intelligence is exceptional.

At every opportunity, I expand my intelligence and intuition. I am naturally inquisitive and constantly learning; this quality ensures that my intelligence continues to grow all the time. Answers come to me easily and at the right moment.

I am a genius and a master at what I do! I am quick to expand my level of knowledge. The intelligence of the universe is available to me at any moment and I am open to this vast reservoir of knowledge and wisdom.

Infinite intelligence is at my beck and call. Through the internet, books, recordings, television, exploring other cultures, and more, I discover new ideas, thoughts, and beliefs.

My mind is a sponge, soaking up new knowledge as I explore the universe through many mediums.

When I make a mistake, I am quick to learn what I can from it. Then, I forget the mistake and move on. I am free from making the same mistakes twice. I learn quickly and then apply my knowledge. This is a way of life for me.

The wisdom I seek can always be found within me. I can tap into a divine source of wisdom anytime I desire. Today I bless myself by accessing that divine wisdom.

Today, I am in tune with the knowledge that exists all around me. I am blessed to have such a high level of intelligence; I use that intelligence to help others and myself.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. What makes my intelligence exceptional?
2. What mistakes have I made recently?
3. What did I learn from my mistakes?

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