My work is enjoyable and fulfilling

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My work is

My work is enjoyable and fulfilling

My work is enjoyable and fulfilling

I realize how important it is to have enjoyable and fulfilling work. I am able to give my greatest gifts, in the best way possible, when I am both happy and fulfilled.

My work makes me happy for several reasons. I am doing something every day that I find meaningful. I like the feeling of contributing something positive on a daily basis. I enjoy my coworkers and work environment. My work is stimulating and I am very good at it.

There are also many reasons that I find my work fulfilling.

My contribution is meaningful to my company.

The company I work for is meaningful to the world.

And knowing that I am contributing to something bigger through my work is important to me.

If my job ceases to be enjoyable and fulfilling, I simply find a new job that creates those feelings in me again. I know I can find the right job for me both quickly and easily.

I am clear on my likes, dislikes and values; with these things in mind, finding the right job is easy.

Today, I appreciate having such an enjoyable and fulfilling career. I love my work and it fills me with appreciation and enjoyment. I feel so fortunate to be blessed with a job that benefits me so greatly.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. What 5 characteristics do I love about my work?
2. What 5 things would I like to change about my work? How can I make these changes?
3. In what ways do I find my work to be meaningful?

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