Persistence is important to me

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Persistence is important to me

Persistence is one of my most positive character traits because it enables me to be the best person I can be.

Being persistent means I gather my strength to keep doing something until I succeed. For me, it is okay if accomplishing a task requires me to do it 2 times or 12 times. I keep at it until I produce the results I desire.

As I think about persistence, I realize it is important to all aspects in my life, like my work, home life, and personal relationships.

At work, I find that persistence pays off, literally. I persist until I complete each work project in the best way I know how. For my excellent service to my company, I am rewarded handsomely.

At home, tasks seem never-ending. But my capacity for persistence is strong. I follow through with getting home tasks done.

In managing my personal relationships, sometimes I must persist in order to enjoy the special emotional connections I have with others. I support their needs and bring them encouragement and joy, even in challenging times.

I find persistence to be integral to living a quality life that provides me feelings of happiness and accomplishment.

Today, I intend to focus on persistence. I know I can persist to achieve the results I want. Whether I am concentrating on my work, home, or relationships, I realize that persistence is the key to my continued success. Because I deserve to live a wonderful life, I can persist in my efforts to accomplish all the great things I desire.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. How important is persistence to me?
2. Am I persistent in everything I do: work, home, and relationships?
3. What strategies can I put into place to ensure I use persistence to my best advantage?

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