Today, I move toward freedom

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Today, I move toward freedom.

Each day is a gift that provides the opportunity to experience a greater sense of freedom.

Whenever I feel confined and limited, I remember that all of my limitations are self-imposed. I am the only one that can stand in my way.

It is exciting to realize that I alone determine my conditions. I have the power to release all of my doubt and resistance whenever I choose. I choose for that time to be now!

My sense of freedom increases each day. By letting go, I set myself free and allow myself to experience everything the world has to offer. Every day I become more playful and spontaneous. Every day I am getting closer and closer to being totally free.

I allow others to be exactly whom they are and to have the freedom to make mistakes. Everyone, including me, has the right to choose our own path.

I am free to be myself. I am as free as a bird on the wind. I am free to create my perfect circumstances and advance my life forward in whatever ways I want it to go.

I have the freedom to make any choice with regard to both my thoughts and actions. I choose to allow myself to be spontaneous and free of worry and concern.

Today, I promise to myself to live with an attitude of freedom and positive expectation. I reject any limitations in my thoughts and totally relax in the face of any obstacles. Today, I move toward freedom.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. What are some ways my sense of freedom has increased over the years?
2. What are some ways in which I feel smothered?
3. What can I do right now to increase my level of freedom?

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