Reflections & Affirmations

My Courage Keeps Me Confident Each morning provides me with an opportunity to recommit to my goals. I take a brave stance and use my days to confidently go after the things that are important to me. Balancing my time is sometimes challenging, but I bravely accept challenges. Having courage helps […]

My Courage Keeps Me Confident

Persistence is important to me Persistence is one of my most positive character traits because it enables me to be the best person I can be. Being persistent means I gather my strength to keep doing something until I succeed. For me, it is okay if accomplishing a task requires […]

Persistence is important to me

Constantly is my income increasing Each month, my income increases. I have a seemingly endless number of options to earn more money. I know I can always find or create more income with a minimal amount of effort. My subconscious is constantly scanning for new moneymaking opportunities. These new opportunities […]

Constantly is my income increasing

  Money flows to me I find that money flows to me readily and easily. My life is like a large river being fed by multiple streams of money that are forever flowing. My life is bursting at the seams from all the money that comes into my life. In […]

Money flows to me

I take time for relaxation. My days are full of activities, people, conversations, and lists of things to complete. Even though I might be thwarted from accomplishing everything I would like to today, I am still comfortable with carving out some time for relaxation. When I relax, it gives my […]

I take time for relaxation.

When I am wrong, I admit it. I am always humble enough to acknowledge when I am wrong. It takes considerable inner strength to take full responsibility for my actions when the outcome is unfavorable. I am happy to possess that inner strength and lean on it whenever I need to […]

When I am wrong, I admit it

Today, I move toward freedom. Each day is a gift that provides the opportunity to experience a greater sense of freedom. Whenever I feel confined and limited, I remember that all of my limitations are self-imposed. I am the only one that can stand in my way. It is exciting […]

Today, I move toward freedom