Review Love Or Above with Christie Marie Sheldon & test 90 days

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Ponder on this: “Are you satisfied with your ability to attract or manifest?”

Then read my “Love or Above” Review if you want to become a Manifesting Ninja!

Love or Above






Remember the movie “The Secret”?

Great, eye-opening stuff. But many say, way too simplistic.

But I don’t think anyone here would deny the following…

“Your thoughts and your energy govern the reality you will experience in this world” Beautiful isn’t it? I think that quote resonates with a lot of us. But here’s a further thought…

How do you overcome the blocks that hold you into a particular state of thought?

If you’ve the experience crazy pain of a breakup, or the intense drama of a bankruptcy, no one can expect you to just “change your thoughts”. What you have in these cases are deep emotional blocks. Blocks that strike all the way to your energy body.

But you can shift them. Dramatically. Overnight.

And there are specific energy clearing techniques that help you clear any blocks you have.

Christie Marie Sheldon

One of the best energy teachers in the industry is a beautiful young women in LA this woman is, Christie Marie Sheldon.

And if you’ve never heard of her. You will. Christie is the author of Love or Above, a popular course on raising your energetic states for health, love and abundance.

Christie has specially handpicked a selection of energetic and spiritual tools which (in her 15 years of experience) turned out to be the most powerful and transforming.

Some of the tools are exercises, some are Guided Meditations, visualization techniques… you’ll even find… a Muscle Testing technique.

 Love or Above pyramid

Why do I find them so valuable?

Because they have power to make a shift in your love life, so that you can experience a richer, more fulfilling relationship…

Help you manifest wealth and abundance, so that you can meet your needs, desires and purpose…

Transform your job into passion, and your passion into mission…

But, what’s MOST IMPORTANT with the Love or Above program…

Is that these tools will help you shift your energetic frequencies, so that you can enjoy life to the fullest, without being held back by common aches and pains or disease.

As said, Christie has been working on the Love Or Above toolkit for more then 15 years – trust me, she knows what she’s doing.

In fact, she’s so sure that the Love Or Above will work for you too… that she’s giving you the opportunity to test risk-free it for 90 days.

>>> Details on the 90-day Money Back Guarantee HERE

If you ask me… it’s completely risk-free and ABSOLUTELY worth a try.

Check it out and let me know what do you think.

All the best,

Robert Snel