Uncovering the Secret Power of Subliminals: Review of Subliminal Guru

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Can you really change your life with a 10-minute MP3?

I decided to find out.

They claim to be able to change your life, by “reprogramming” your thought patterns.

Just play the simple 10-minute MP3 audio, and let thousands of “commands” rewrite your subconscious beliefs and habits, installing new powerful and positive neural pathways.

I’m talking about the latest “subliminal” audio sessions to hit town — from a company known as Subliminal Guru.

But does it all really work, or is it just a lot of marketing baloney? I decided to find out.Subliminal Guru Logo

Behind the Conscious Mind

So, let’s start at the beginning. What actually are subliminals?

To explain this, you have to first understand that your brain consists of two parts. This is a well-known psychological fact.

You have the conscious mind, which is the thing you’re using right now. It takes in information, evaluates its usefulness, tries to make conscious decisions as to what to do next.

Then there’s the subconscious, which does 95% of the actual work. It does most things automatically.

It’s the part of your brain responsible for handling your breathing, and regulating temperature. It also provides automatic responses to questions and decisions you make.

So, if I ask you what 2+2 is, you automatically know the answer is 4. But I’ll bet you didn’t do the sum in your head. The answer was just there. It was a “knee jerk” automatic response, powered by your subconscious.

Same for your deepest thoughts and belief patterns. They’ve been installed and entrenched over the years, building up a system of habits that make up who you are.

They can be overwritten, but only by providing your subconscious mind with newer ways of thinking, and repeating them over and over, creating fresh and successful pathways.

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Subliminals Help Rewrite Subconscious Patterns

Subliminal means “below the threshold of consciousness.”

When most people talk about subliminals, they’re talking about using special “commands” to influence your subconscious mind.

These commands would be positive affirmations, such as “I feel great” and “I am confident.” By repeatedly exposing your subconscious mind to these affirmations, you help to create new pathways and thought patterns to help change your life.

There are two ways of using “subliminals” with your mind. Firstly, by flashing messages briefly in front of the eyes, using a software tool such as Subliminal360.

However the second, and more convenient way, is by using audio.

By embedding affirmations inside music (using several special subliminal techniques), you can create messages that the subconscious mind hears and accepts, but the conscious mind simply disregards.

This helps build new thought patterns in the subconscious mind, and help to change your world — from the inside in.

And perhaps the biggest and best-known of all subliminal audio websites is Subliminal Guru, the web’s largest subliminal superstore.

So, I decided to try it out for myself.

Subliminal Guru Homepage

Consulting the Subliminal Guru

Subliminal Guru is home to over 350 subliminal albums, covering everything from health to relaxation, mental skills to business.

They use several techniques to embed subliminal messages into each of their albums, including the Whisper Method, Stereo Confusion, Lightning Technique, and Reverse Speech.

They’re a leader in the field — so I figured it was time I checked it out directly.

I bought a couple of sessions and decided to listen: Exercise Motivator, and Overcome Hayfever. Both of these are issues that start in the mind, so I was curious to see if they’d help.

I purchased, downloaded and listened.

The MP3s were pretty great. Each album came with seven different music mixes, to suit whatever mood I was in.

Spa music, guitar music, rainfall, a babbling stream, brown noise — even an Ibiza-style workout mix for the gym.

Each mix is just 10 minutes long. But rather than choose to sit back and listen exclusively, I decided to follow the suggestion of just playing it in the background while I got on with my day.

Personally, I used the Brown Noise recording while I worked. It really got me “in the zone” and helped block out background distractions.

You could hear a few muffled noises in the background, but you can feel your conscious mind just deciding to ignore them. It’s nice however to know those sounds were being recognized and acted upon by my subconscious.

There’s also a special “Spoken Subliminal” MP3 contained with every album, which is great for listening to on its own. It contains special “3D” effects, and you can feel the affirmations moving about it your head. You’ve got to experience it to know what I’m talking about!

You can listen to any of the sessions on their own, or play them on repeat. You can listen in your car, while you work, at the gym, or even while you sleep.

So, 7 sessions, 10-minutes each, plus brainwave versions too. That means 2 hours and 20 minutes of audio with each album. Prices per album start at $18.95 and get progressively cheaper with each additional purchase. They come with a money-back guarantee too. Not bad going!

But did they actually work?

My Surprising Experience with Subliminal Guru

I listened to my Subliminal Guru MP3s mainly in the background while I worked, over the course of around two weeks.

And I have to say, the change was definitely noticeable.

I listened primarily to the Exercise Motivator and Overcome Hayfever sessions.

At first, I didn’t even realize the difference, however I started waking up earlier, and hitting the gym before work, taking in a great breakfast, then going about my day. This is something I hardly ever do, but I just seemed to have so much more energy than before.

I didn’t even realize the change until the computer screen behind the desk at my gym beeped that I’d logged in six workouts this week, a personal best.


Then someone in my office found themselves constantly blowing their nose, in response to high pollen levels. They commented that I didn’t seem to be having a bad response today… and I realized that they were right.

They say with subliminals, change comes from the inside, so you’re often the last to notice it. For me, it took a gym computer and a colleague to point out how these subliminals had started to make a real difference in my life.

And all I’d proactively done was listening to a little cool music while I got on with my work.

Subliminal Guru Review

Conclusion: My Subliminal Guru Experience

For me, the process of personal change using subliminals was pretty effortless. I just listened a few times, and I was done.

The benefits have continued to stay with me, even though it wasn’t exactly difficult “installing” those fresh new traits in the first place!

To me, the Subliminal Guru website proved itself to be a great resource for powerful subliminal MP3s.

It provides hundreds of albums that can provide genuine change practically any area of your life — just by listening to a simple, 10-minute MP3.

I tried it. I loved it. And I thoroughly recommend it.

Plus, all this comes with a full money-back guarantee, so you never risk a cent of your own money.

Check it out. Subliminal Guru comes highly recommended.

Rating: 10/10

Pros: Actually works! Not expensive & fully guaranteed.
Cons: No telephone support.

Conclusion: Highly recommended for Subliminal MP3s!


Subliminal Guru homepage – http://subliminalguru.com/
Download two FREE subliminals – http://subliminalguru.com/gift





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